Spirits and Dolls

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In many ancient cultures and religious systems, one of the things that many belief systems had in common was the belief that ordinary objects held great power. Ceremonial bowls, staffs, dolls, and talismans were all revered by the people. The wielder of these objects was always a person who was respected within the culture.

Nowadays, kachina dolls california are considered to hold spirits of the loved ones that are fashioned in the likeness of them. Mostly by Native American tribes, and one of these types of dolls is a kachina doll. These dolls are believed to be the personification of life itself, and a doll can represent a location, person, element, or even a star.

The spirits within the doll are all believed to have their own lives and relationships with other spirits, and they are given to various women in the tribe who will watch over and protect them from harm and danger. The spirits are not prayed to, or worshipped, but are instead treated kindly. It’s believed that if the spirits are treated this way, they will bring a good harvest, rainfall, or other good acts upon the village and the house where it sits.

The dolls are viewed as essences for the life force of the universe, and the kachina religion believes that the life forces must be interacted with in order to keep humans alive. So, caring for the carefully crafted dolls is a way to care for the universe itself and bring good fortune.

The dolls are a smaller version of masked dancers, who in the Hopi culture, impersonate the godlike kachinas to bring good fortune to the tribe. Children of the tribe often get these dolls so they can recognize the kachinas of the festival, and learn to care for the symbols of Hopi religion.