Recycled And Reused Rags Are Wiping The Planet Clean

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In case you had not noticed, and in case you were somewhere else at the time, the planet, the only planet that you can possibly live on, is in a rather dirty state. In fact, it is a lot worse than just dirty. It is so bad, and have you ever wondered why you and your loved ones get the sniffles so often throughout the year. Because that is really all it takes. Just a little more carelessness around the place and your domestic carbon levels go shooting through the roof. Ditch the vacuum cleaner and clean your place up with shop rags in bulk.

And you are surprised by this? You should not have been. Just you wait for it. Just you have another look at your utilities bill the next time it arrives in your post. And why are you receiving bills in the post anyway. In this day and age? What another waste, as it turns out. Your local service provider only needs to send you your monthly or quarterly statement via sms or email. And not a shred of paper need have gone to waste. Just think. Of all the millions keeping company with you in your fine country.

And how many trees were lost for every utility bill that had to be printed out and posted. Sorry, Mr. Postman, but there are now other resourceful ways for you to make a good living. Time to upskill. And to think that those poor folks that have been putting their lives and health at risk by scouring all those foul landfill sites on your behalf have been doing such a sterling job all along. They’ve been leading the way for others to follow, didn’t you know.