How Many Pairs of Shoes Should Your Toddler Own?

As the parent of a toddler, you see so many cute pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories that it is hard not to spend a little money every time you see them. It leaves some parents to wonder if their obsession with all of the cute toddler goodies is causing their child to suffer. Relax. Your toddler will not develop any time of narcissism disorder because they were spoiled at this young age. It takes far more than a love of shoes and a ton of pairs in this closet for such thing to ever happen.

toddler mary janes

It doesn’t change the fact that many parents want to know how many pairs of shoes is sufficient for their little one. But, the truth is, there is no one number that is right for every family. They’re only small once, so if you can afford to spend the money and think that your little one will wear them, by all means buy what you want. Be sure that you also have the space available to store the shoes. You don’t want the home to become cluttered because of your purchasing habits! Once your toddler outgrows them, it is easy to pass down the shoes to other family members or even rack in some cash through consignment and second hand sales.

Your toddler certainly needs a variety of different types of shoes in his or her closet. She needs a pair of toddler mary janes for church and other special events while he needs a pair of brand name sneakers because they’re so darling. Every little one needs horseshoes and comfortable shoes and of course, a pair of play shoes, too. So, do not hesitate to make that purchase if the purchase if beneficial to your little one!