T-Shirts and Printing

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When you run your fingers over a t-shirt with a graphic on it, you will certainly feel a different texture on the graphic than the shirt. The graphic will probably feel a lot courser, and some of it might even peel off near the edges. Or you can place a sticker on a sheet of paper and run your fingers over it for the same effect.

That’s how the graphics work because the graphic isn’t an outright part of the shirt, but instead, it is a sticker that is printed on. Just like putting a sticker on a sheet of paper, that’s how graphics work on shirts. They are printed and stuck on using screen printing bensalem pa. How it works is simple: A screen is stretched out and a negative picture of the design is placed on the screen.

Ink is poured over the screen, and then the design appears on the t-shirt, while the rest of the shirt (the parts that don’t have the graphic) are protected with a stencil. Then the ink and shirt is dried, and that’s it. The ink has been attached to the shirt’s fabric. It’s honestly a lot more complicated than that, but thinking of the design like a sticker helps.

People order shirts with business or team logos on them all the time, and it’s not uncommon to find more shirts with printed designs on them in countless stores and clothing spots. They take a while to make due to the printing process, but ultimately look awesome and show some uniqueness and solidarity to a team.

The next time you find or wear a shirt has a graphic printed or emblazed on it, you can smile and know how it was made. Who knows, it might be a great conversation starter!