How to Become a Bull Rider

Although bull riding is considered a sport, do not expect to join and earn the millions of dollars players in the NBA and NFL earn. Bull riders participate in this event because it is something they enjoy doing, something they love. If you are still interested in becoming a bull rider, the information below can help you get started.

bull riding gear

Why Bull Riding?

People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy bull riding because it is such a challenge that leaves them filled with rewards when they succeed. To test your strength, agility, and mental stamina can boost your confidence. It is also a lot of fun and provides an adrenaline rush that most other sports fail to offer. There is nothing in this world quite like bull riding.

Bull Riding Classes

People ages 12-up can take bull riding courses. It is important to complete this course because bull riding isn’t easy, as you can see when watching others. The courses usually consist of short training periods that teach the basis of bull riding.

Purchase the Right Gear

As a bull rider, you’ll need an assortment of gear to participate. Learn more about the gear that is needed to safely ride bulls and have all of the items on hand. Make sure you buy quality bull riding gear to protect yourself against injury during this sometimes dangerous sport. You can buy all of the gear that you need online if you prefer.

Compete & Have Fun

You can compete in bull riding with or without a college education. It is through training and experience that most bull riders learn their most valued skills. After many years and success, you can join the Professional Bull Riders Association, or the PBR, where you may actually win money, recognition, and prizes, too.